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Legal Nurse Consulting

What is Legal Nurse Consulting?

  • The application of knowledge acquired during the course of professional nursing education, training and clinical experience with regard to the review of care, causation, damages and other medically related issues pertinent to the evaluation and resolution of legal cases or claims.
  • Legal Nurse Consulting involves the critical analysis of healthcare records, medical literature and understanding of legal rights and documents.
  • As consultants, legal nurses serve as analysts, collaborators, strategist, researchers and educators; with their in-depth knowledge of nursing, medicine and the healthcare system, their contributions are recognized and necessary in all types of medical-legal cases in many different medical-legal settings. As such, LNCs are uniquely qualified and valuable members of the professional legal team.
  • The Legal Nurse Consultant is a natural liaison between the healthcare and legal communities. LNCs practice with:
  • Law firms
  • Government agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Healthcare practices
  • Forensic environments
  • LNC Consulting firms
  • Self-employed independent practices/contractors
  • Patient safety organizations;
    … in a variety of practice areas:
  • Medical malpractice
  • Personal injury
  • Long term care/elder law
  • Product/manufacturer liability
  • Toxic tort
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Risk Management
  • Life Care Planning
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Forensic/criminal
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Medical Mediation
  • Why would a legal professional want to hire a LNC?
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Resourcefulness
  • Cost-savings 
We specialize in the initial review of medical records. Our screening for merit and systematic organization of the pertinent medical issues facilitates a more rapid and efficient review by expensive testifying experts.

Surgical First Assisting

Barbara is a Certified Registered Nurse First Assistant, with extensive clinical experience in Minimally Invasive, Laparoscopic, Thoracoscopic and Robotic surgery. She is a seasoned perioperative nurse, functioning in the role of Circulator, Scrub Nurse and First Assistant on a variety of surgical services including Trauma, Neurosurgery, Thoracic surgery, Vascular surgery, OB-GYN, Orthopedic surgery and General surgery. 

Perioperative Staff development

As an everyday educator in clinical practice, Barbara has shared her knowledge and experience with numerous healthcare providers in a wide variety of settings. From medical and nursing students on their surgical clinical rotation, to perioperative nursing staff members, to experienced surgeons learning new techniques in laboratory sessions, Barbara is an effective and enthusiastic teacher. 

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